Welcome to CCamelOT, an implementation of OT-CC’s gen and eval in Perl

Take the quick Guided Tour to CCamelOT

I know what OT and OT-CC are. What can CCamelOT do for me?

CCamelOT allows you to derive inputs by applying an OT-CC grammar to them. Take the quick guided tour to see how.

The inputs are real (i.e. made out of features, prosodic structure, and morphological structure). CCamelOT creates the candidates for you, and tells you who the winner is. You can change the ranking online and see how the candidates and winners change.

If you register, you can post your inputs and rankings. You can post publicly, and share the information with colleagues and students. You can post privately for your own enjoyment.

You can read about how CCamelOT uses OT-CC priciples in this handout and in the help page.

I know what OT is. What's OT-CC?

OT-CC is a flavor of OT introduced in "Hidden Generalizations: Phonological Opacity in Optimality Theory", a forthcoming book by John McCarthy.

To get an idea of how it works, take the quick guided tour.

You can also read about OT-CC and about how CCamelOT uses its priciples in this handout and in the help page.

I know nothing; help me!

I am not sure I can. Here are some wise words from Bruce Hayes:

"Optimality Theory (OT) is a wide-employed theoretical framework used in contemporary linguistics. The original reference for OT is Prince and Smolensky (1993); good textbooks have been written by René Kager and John McCarthy".

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